Current sustainability projects

ANOSAN® for Namibia

blueplanet Investments AG became aware of the outbreak of Hepatitis E in Namibia during took a strategic business trip to southern Africa. The blueplanet Investments AG was immediately convinced to help. ANOSAN® is highly effective against 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. blueplanet Investments AG is convinced that it can be used to support the disease control activities of WaSH.

With the approval of the authorities of Namibia, blueplanet Investments AG intends to use a water purification solution, hand disinfection sprays and a spraying solution in the informal settlements of ANOSAN® for Namibia Swakopmund and Walvis Bay to support the fight against the outbreak of Hepatitis E as part of the multisectoral response.

blueplanet Investments AG has developed a comprehensive hygiene and sanitation concept tailored to the needs of the population affected by the outbreak of Hepatitis E, to be used during the initial phase of the project. During his on-site visit to the Erongo region, in particular the informal settlement of DRC in Swakopmund and the informal settlement of Twaloloka in Walvis Bay on 8 and 9 May 2019, blueplanet Investments AG conducted a site-specific analysis of the situation in the abovementioned locations. Three key areas for potential support have been identified.

  • Non-sanitary water storage tanks for domestic use
  • Limited access to portable water for domestic use, e.g. for optimum hand hygiene and hygiene
  • Unsecured public spaces and shared WaSH infrastructures

In addition to the short-term support measures, blueplanet Investments AG is planning to establish a sustainable system of humanitarian aid and economic relations. The goal is not only to help the Namibian population fight hepatitis E, but also to strengthen the country's economy by providing entrepreneurship opportunities for Namibians based on the business model of ecabiotec® AG.

A current report is available online at:

Balanced CO2 equation

The goal of blueplanet Investments AG is to keep the ecological footprint of all its investments and operations as small as possible. A project to measure the amount of CO2 emitted and design processes to permanently reduce CO2 emissions is currently in preparation. CO2 certificates for unavoidable CO2 emissions are purchased on a voluntary basis in order to ensure a balanced CO2 equation.

The steps of the planned project are as follows:

  1. Identification and definition of all CO2-producing processes
  2. Survey of the CO2 quantity produced based on the identified processes with the help of an expert
  3. Development of optimization potentials for all processes
  4. Classification of processes in terms of CO2 volume and optimization possibilities
  5. Implementation of the optimization proposals
  6. Purchase of the corresponding CO2 certificates

The project will first be implemented at the headquarters of ecabiotec® AG in Germany and then rolled out to other international subsidiaries. In the long term, the amount of CO2 emissions covered by CO2 certificates should move towards zero.